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FHV Information Meeting 2020

by Field Hockey Victoria, 2020-02-23T18:13:30.000-08:00February 23 2020, at 06:13 PM PST

image Field Hockey Victoria will be hosting an information meeting open to the entire community of VILFHA (ladies), VIFHA (men), VJFHA (juniors) and the Umpires Association. Coaches, players and parents are welcome to attend.
Where: McKinnon Building (Room 150) at UVic
When: Monday, March 2 from 6:30-8:00 pm
Topics that will be updated and up for discussion:
1. Summary of recent discussion with newly-elected FHBC President, Andrew Dewberry
2. How... [more]
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Umpires New Rules Briefing - 2019-2020 Season

2019-08-24 02:10 PDT by Vancouver Island Field Hockey Umpires Association (0 Comments)

Date: September 4
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Pacific Sport Boardroom (Saanich Commonwealth Place)
Materi... [more]

Field Hockey Victoria AGM 2019

2019-05-29 01:41 PDT by Field Hockey Victoria (0 Comments)

Field Hockey Victoria Society
Annual General Meeting
June 19, 2019
7:00 –... [more]

Umpires' Association Annual General Meeting, 2018

2018-11-12 01:56 PST by Vancouver Island Field Hockey Umpires Association (0 Comments)

The Umpire’s Association AGM will be held on November 29, 2018, 7-9 pm.
Location: Pacific Sport Boardroom, Saanich Commonwealth Place (lower level)
Order of Business of the Annual General Meeting: a) Annu... [more]

Information for the 2018/19 Season

2018-09-07 10:17 PDT by Vancouver Island Field Hockey Umpires Association (0 Comments)

ALL Umpires- please ensure you wear appropriate colours for the teams you are umpiring as well as to be seen clearly (i.e. red vs white, wearing orange/ yellow) dark colours are not ideal as typically you blend into the benches or ... [more]

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No recent activity Helpful tools to manage your game and positioning
Hello Fellow BC Umpires, We’re weeks away from the Fall Leagues, and that means it’s time to refresh and update our understanding of the rules, current interpretations, and new approaches to umpiring. While there are no significant rule changes this year, there are clarifications that have raised eyebrows among many plus a whole new take on positioning that comes directly from the FIH. So read on! For those of you who have yet to download the FIH Rules app onto your phones, do so! This is a great, instant tool, that is always up to date – no more paper books! It contains relevant videos, quizzes, and also allows individual sections to be bookmarked. The app is a terrific way to settle debates on the sideline after a match. You can download it for Android or iPhone here. But before you sign up for that first appointment this season, read and study the FIH Outdoor Umpires Briefing 2017. This is your ultimate guidance! Pay particular attention to: Page 7 Management – TALK to the players. Get players 5m at free hits from the beginning Page 9 Tackling – a sliding tackle that takes a player to the ground is almost always a 10 minute yellow. Also be much more aware of intentional shielding and body blocking, issues that are prevalent in almost every match these days Page 16 Free Hits – for attacking free hits within 5 metres of the circle there is a common misconception about where defenders may stand. Note: Players inside the circle who were 5 metre or more from the point of the free hit at it’s award are not allowed to move to and remain in a “stationary” position within 5 metres of the ball as the free hit is taken. While at lower levels an umpire may first warn defenders, in the upper divisions any action as described above should quickly be upgraded to a PC Page 25 Penalty Corners – if the ball fails to travel outside the circle it is NOT an offence to take a shot at goal, only that a goal cannot be scored until the ball travels outside the circle Page 29 Applying the Rules - you cannot issue a personal penalty (card) inside the 23 against a defender and award only a free hit. An intentional foul by a defender inside the 23 is by definition a PC. You can additionally give a card, if necessary Page 30 Appealing and Dissent – don’t put up with it, deal with it! Any “crowding” of umpires must not be tolerated ***Here is a great video version of the Briefing, just updated this week*** Finally, the FIH is promoting a new way to look at your positioning. For years, many of you were taught to think of your field position like a giant hockey stick, run straight down the sidelines and curl into the circle. This style dates back to the days when offside was still part of the game. Analysis shows that this positioning causes many crucial calls to be missed, especially around the far side of the circle and the 23. Instead, the FIH now stresses that umpires should regard “home base” for play in their end as the backline just a few metres from the post. This allows a clearer view of play on the other side of the circle and 23, as well as critical situations in front of the goal. If defenders quickly clear the ball then the umpire’s next move is not necessarily out to the sideline but the most direct path to keep a view of play. Often this is a direct line up field. When play comes back the umpire should, if play allows, make a beeline for “home base”. It’s a balance to figure out when to remain at “home base“ and when to move to a better position for the play and to support your colleague. It will take practice. As the FIH Officials and Appointments Manager, Craig Gribble, likes to say when it comes to goals and critical decisions, “The umpire should always strive to be in the photo.” This new approach means many of you will have to push your comfort zone, but umpires who successfully use it find they run less while affording a better view of play and management of the game. Hope this is all helpful to you. Remember to keep up with the latest info and discussions on our private (umpires only) Facebook page, FHBC Umpires. Cheers, Alan Waterman FHBC Director of Umpiring
Last Post: September 07, 2018 at 10:30am pdt Started By: Denise McGeachy


No recent activity Umpire Coordinator for 2018-2019
Umpire Coordinator for 2018-19 season will be Gillian Batey. Gillian will be handling appointments for Ladies, Men and Vancouver Premier Men. Gillian will also be scheduling coaching and assessment opportunities for umpires. Please send Gillian ( your designated umpires (with emails). Please do not include umpires who are not registered members of your teams.
Last Post: September 06, 2018 at 09:09am pdt Started By: Denise McGeachy

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